How does smoking affect potency?

Smoking and potency are closely related. Nicotine addiction negatively affects the whole body in general and disrupts the normal functioning of the sex organs due to poor blood supply. The more experienced a man smokes, the more likely he is to develop irreversible changes in the functioning of the reproductive system.

Effects of nicotine addiction

smoking and effect

Tobacco and strength are not the same concepts if a man wants to maintain good health into old age. To understand exactly how tobacco affects potency, one should consider the harmful effects of nicotine on the whole body as a whole.

Tobacco addiction negatively affects work:

  • nerve system;
  • of the cardiovascular system;
  • organs of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • organs of the genitourinary system;
  • respiratory system.

The destructive effects of nicotine do not appear immediately. This is the "slow killer", which leads to irreversible changes of the body with a long period of smoking.

First of all, adverse effects affect the functioning of the nervous system. Smoking and potency are closely related to stress and psycho-emotional stress. First, a person "triggers" the stress, without realizing that this further increases the load on the nervous system. Over time, a "tobacco-stress" association is developed in the brain, meaning that a person thinks that smoking helps to calm down. In fact, everything is quite the opposite, and the imaginary calm is only the result of the momentary action of nicotine, which passes very quickly.

To understand exactly how smoking affects potency, you might want to know how men's health is related to nervous system functioning. Chronic stress can lead to psychological impotence, and smoking only increases this risk.

How smoking affects potency in a man is understandable if we consider the effects of nicotine on the heart and blood vessels. The effect of smoking on potency is due to a decrease in blood circulation of the pelvic organs. This occurs due to a violation of the permeability of the walls of blood vessels and loss of their elasticity under the influence of nicotine and dangerous compounds released during combustion.

First, the harmful effects of addiction on physical endurance. When smoking for a long time, blood pressure increases due to a decrease in blood circulation through the altered vessels and the load on the heart muscle increases due to a lack of oxygen supply to the tissues by blood. The result is a decrease in endurance, a decrease in physical strength, and a decrease in testosterone levels. At the same time, the speed of blood to the penis during an erection is reduced due to vascular disorders. All this entails a decrease in potency.

Smoking also negatively affects the digestive process. Cigarette smoke, especially on an empty stomach, is dangerous by altering the production of stomach enzymes and altering the acidity of gastric juice. This leads to stomach problems and constipation. Constipation, on the other hand, is dangerous because it reduces the blood supply to the prostate and pelvic organs, leading to impaired potency.

Thus, the negative effect of tobacco on potency in men is shown to be very complex and dangerous by the development of irreparable consequences. Moreover, the more experienced smoking, the more likely it is to develop irreversible changes in the body.

Cigarettes and hookah

smoking hookah and effect

After knowing whether smoking affects male potency, you should assess the level of risk. Cigarettes and cigarettes contain nicotine. This narcotic works on the principle of a nerve agent. Inhaling cigarette smoke, a person feels relaxed for a moment, but then the tone of the blood vessels increases and the load on the heart increases.

In the long run, this entails the development of vascular impotence - erectile dysfunction caused by insufficient venous blood flow in the penis. Vascular impotence is difficult to treat and develops against the background of other cardiovascular pathologies.

Smoking cigarettes or hookah before intercourse leads to vasospasm. Therefore, at the time of stimulation, the blood flow to the penis is not enough through the constricting vessels, so smokers often have weak erections that the man cannot keep for long.

Menthol cigarettes inhibit potency more, since the presence of a refreshing ingredient allows you to inhale more deeply. Menthol anesthetics the respiratory tract, reducing irritation caused by smoke. The result is a person sucks more and the smoke goes deeper into the lungs.

Contrary to popular belief, menthol does not contain impotence, however, tobacco products with this ingredient in their ingredients and menthol cigarettes actually have adverse effects. beneficial to the effect due to the amount of smoke when drawn in deeper.

Smoking with a hookah cigarette is just as harmful to potency as smoking a regular cigarette. Abuse of non-tobacco hookah can be hazardous to health because oxygen transport to internal organs is disrupted during deep inhalation.

E-cigarettes (vape) for potency

The effect of an e-cigarette (vape) on potency depends on the composition of the liquid for vaping. If a person uses a nicotine-containing filler, the effect of an e-cigarette in terms of potency is exactly the same as that of a regular cigarette. Nicotine also constricts blood vessels and interferes with the blood supply to the penis.

Conditional vaporizing nicotine-free liquids are considered safe, but the evidence base is insufficient to draw definite conclusions about the dangers or benefits of this pattern of smoking. Presumably, the composition of the liquid for vaping is not harmful to health, since it contains only flavor, propylene glycol and water. At the same time, the exact effects of propylene glycol, which is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry, have not been established.

Illegal smoking

illegal smoking and effect

The negative effect of smoking on male potency is demonstrated not only by the effects of nicotine. The use of addictive substances, such as marijuana, also has negative health effects. Vascular problems and circulatory disorders occur under the influence of combustion products, but mental disorders that lead to impaired functioning of the nervous system are very dangerous.

This has the potential to jeopardize the development of vascular impotence. To understand how smoking affects male potency and strength, it is enough to just imagine how many nerve endings are located in the genitals. All of them are damaged under the influence of narcotics, leading to a decrease in erection ability, decreased desire and decreased sensation during orgasm.

Some statistics

graph of smoking experience and its impact on potency

After finding out if smoking affects the ability and ability to have an erection, it should be understood that the sooner a man can beat his addiction, the better his chances of recovering his health. To know exactly what the effects of smoking on potency are, and how smoking harms men's health, we should turn to statistics.

The ability to quit smoking in men begins to decline after an average of 5-7 years of regular smoking. Serious blood vessel problems occur in men over 40 years of age with a smoking history of 10 years or more.

The immediate effects of nicotine occur after smoking the first cigarette. At the same time, the potency immediately after smoking is reduced by an average of 15%. This is due to vasoconstriction. When the effects of nicotine wear off, the effect will return to normal, as the contraction will pass. At the first smoking, such changes are reversible, however, in the long run, chronic circulatory failure and persistent vasospasm develop.

Reject nicotine and restore potency

smoking cessation and potency

Knowing the effect of smoking on potency, and how nicotine affects a man's body, it is advisable to take measures to get rid of the addiction. Despite the fact that smoking belongs to the category of drug addiction, you can cope with it on your own. If you have smoked for a long time, you should consult a specialist. There are many pharmacological and non-pharmacological methods of smoking cessation. Saying goodbye to addiction is not difficult, it takes a strong will and a desire to stay healthy.

Recovery from smoking depends on how quickly the whole body recovers. A balanced diet and general strengthening medications will help speed up this process.

When you quit smoking, you need to completely change your lifestyle. The effect after quitting is restored slowly, the rate of recovery depends on the duration of smoking. If a man smokes for no more than five years, it will take about a year for his body to recover, to follow proper nutrition, regular physical activity, and to adhere to daily routines.