Non-traditional approaches to improving erection

It is not for nothing that strength has a similar concept of meaning - man's bravery, human strength. Despite the fact that she doesn't seem to play a major role, her loss can completely change a man's life. Statistically, erectile dysfunction is diagnosed in men over 45 years old, but in recent years, cases have become more frequent when it is detected in young men who have not yet exceeded 30 years of age.

Erectile dysfunction can develop in almost any man, so it's important to know how to prevent it and treat it if necessary.

There can be many reasons for this condition:

  • unfavorable ecological situation;
  • lack of vitamins and minerals;
  • lack of physical activity;
  • inflammatory processes in the organs of the genitourinary system;
  • infectious diseases;
  • but Van dy about the heart;
  • trauma to the pelvis and genital organs;
  • endocrine diseases;
  • Hormonal disorder.

It can be quite difficult to avoid even one of the phenomena listed, and therefore almost all cases of impotence are caused by some negative influence.

To treat erection problems, both drugs and folk remedies can be used.

It is possible to eliminate problems with erectile function, but this requires great efforts from men. The first thing that official medicine advises patients is to undergo a course of drug treatment. In some cases, surgery may be required. However, such measures are usually only temporary. In this case, to increase potency, men should use folk remedies to increase potency.

General principles of traditional medicine to treat impotence

Traditional medicine, as well as formal medicine, involves the use of funds for the purpose of eliminating traumatic factors, restoring the functioning of organs and systems. Also important in the matter of enhancing erectile function is to prevent the negative effects on the body of various factors.

According to the principles developed over the years, the most accepted methods for raising the tone of voice are:

  • Normalization of nutrition with the mandatory introduction of products that are potent stimulants.
  • Increase physical activity within the range of reason.
  • Strengthen immunity through the consumption of vitamins, minerals and the use of other means to stimulate it at home.
  • Restore metabolism and improve hormone synthesis by folk remedies (including the use of herbs, honey, etc. ).

All these methods have a single goal - to completely restore the functions of all body systems and especially the male reproductive system.

Nutrition for sexual dysfunction

To increase potency quickly, especially when men are old, this method does not help but also minimizes the progression of pathologies leading to complete loss of erection. The dogmas of proper nutrition are the basis of the impotence diet. However, this method of eliminating dysfunction has its own characteristics. Therefore, doctors recommend contacting specialists before making dietary changes to identify potential medical conditions where a standard diet could be detrimental to your already healthy health. weaken.

Particularly helpful for men with erectile dysfunction are protein foods that contain a small amount of fat. Including:

  • lean meat - rabbit, chicken, turkey, beef, lean lamb;
  • caviar;
  • Legumes and grasses (greens) of this family;
  • nuts and seeds;
  • eggs, preferably quail;
  • low-fat and unsalted cheeses;
  • fish (mainly marine life).

In addition to protein foods, it is advisable to consume herbs, vegetables (pumpkin, including zucchini, cucumbers and, in fact, pumpkin with seeds), rice, grains and cereals.

Useful products for potency

Fortifying your diet with Omega-3 acids will benefit the effect.

To improve the synthesis of male sex hormones, spices will help supplement dishes in moderation. Cloves, ginger root and capsicum pods, cinnamon and other pungent herbs, with the exception of saffron, will help boost testosterone levels. You can also diversify the menu with traditional yogurt products of Asian countries - ayran and koumiss, goat's milk.

Good for men and products containing Omega-3 acids, namely nuts with honey, greens and herbs (spinach, asparagus, celery), sunflower seeds.

Once the diet is established, men experience a systematic and very steady improvement in erections and libido. If this does not happen, or this method does not work quickly, you should use other methods to restore male strength.

Movement as a way to increase potency

Using exercises to increase male strength is not a new idea. The most suitable way to do it at home is to do Kegel exercises. They help improve blood circulation in the prostate and genitals, have a positive effect on the erection process. In addition, they are very helpful to raise the general tone of the body in men.

Regularly jogging or at least walking improves erections.

In addition, traditional and official medicine recommends jogging, riding (and only allowed to sit on bicycles, not riding horses), swimming.

Phytotherapy as a way to get rid of erectile dysfunction

This method of male enhancement is the oldest mentioned before and is at least a few hundred years old. To make it, you will need herbs that you can easily prepare yourself for use at home. In addition, bee products may be required. In a word, traditional medicine offers a lot of recipes.

In most cases, any natural medicine to normalize the functions of the male genitals is a drink - tea, decoction, tincture or infusion. At the same time, the definitive treatment with folk remedies, including remedies, needs to last at least a month, and before you start using this method of therapy, you need to at least find out in general. about the causes of menstrual disorders. . This is necessary in order to choose the most appropriate among all the complex therapeutic methods.

So, given the inflammatory nature of impotence, emphasis should be placed on the normalization of blood circulation and tissue repair. Herbs with anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and regenerative effects can also help in this, it is recommended to take the decoction during the day in small doses. Candles with honey or propolis will also become an indispensable tool.

A slightly different approach is required for impotence caused by hormonal insufficiency or by diseases of the endocrine system. In this case, recipes that include herbs tend to normalize the hormonal background, reducing or stimulating the production of certain hormones.

Treatment of men with such home remedies should begin with a visit to a specialist, since this treatment has many complications - plants can affect a person's endocrine backgroundMen are not as expected. Only after consulting a urologist, an endocrinologist or a botanist can one begin the full use of the drug using the methods that will be describeddown here.

Recipes for folk remedies

The most popular recipes for restoring all the functions of the male reproductive system contain herbs such as ginseng, Rhodiola rosea, rhizome and australian.

Their method of preparation is as follows:

  1. Broth - a spoonful of the mixture is boiled in a glass of water for no more than 5 minutes, then filtered. It is not recommended to take such drugs immediately. It is better to leave them for a few hours until they cool. You need to drink a decoction of the day in equal parts before meals or immediately after meals, drinking the entire amount prepared for the day.
  2. Infusion - a spoonful of the mixture of herbs is poured with a cup of boiling water in a thermos and left for 8-12 hours. Then the agent is filtered. Drink the infusion before meals or at the end of the day in small portions.
  3. Tincture - 100-200 grams of raw materials are crushed and poured with 0. 5 liters of alcohol or vodka, after which the mixture is closed and placed in a dark place. This method of preparing a healing drink is the longest, since the drug is prepared not in a day, but can last up to 2-3 weeks. Before use, tincture does not need to be filtered, but is dripped from 10-15 drops (sometimes the dose should be increased to 25 ml during the day). It is better to take such a preparation before a meal, however, there are recipes that offer to drink it after a meal.

The listed preparation methods are suitable for all plants and collections from them. Next, we will look at what charges can be made by men who are facing erectile dysfunction.

Medical fee

Collection of mint, field clover (inflorescence), St. wort. John and the nettle. This remedy has been used for many years with the inflammatory and / or infectious nature of sexual dysfunction - with prostatitis, STIs and the like. At home, tea or infusion is prepared from it (recipe is described above). You can take it during the day, preferably in the morning and evening one hour after eating, or half an hour before a meal.

A good remedy that can be taken before sex to increase potency includes herbs like gourd and capers, should take one teaspoon. They must be combined with a mixture of milk and grape juice in equal proportions (100 ml each). The drug must be warmed up and taken before intercourse. It gives almost instant effect.

Autumn colors of chrysanthemums of immortality, valerian, wort of St. of a man. A similar effect has a powder from pine nuts, mixed with water to form an emulsion, which must be taken at least three times a day in a teaspoon.

Stinging nettle seeds can significantly increase a man's sex drive. An old recipe recommends using them fresh - within a day of picking. However, they also work after home drying, especially when mixed with honey and red wine. Such a tool is also a good prevention of various infections.

Traditional Chinese medicine also treats erectile dysfunction with poisonous herbs, but doctors warn of the dangers of their use: many plants contain compounds that can cause numbness. paralysis of the myocardium or respiratory center in case of an overdose of one hundredth of a gram. . They should be used with extreme caution, but you're better off prioritizing safe charges.